Kettlebell Long Cycle

What is the Long Cycle?

The Long Cycle is an exercise in which you must first clean the kettlebell to your chest and then perform a jerk with the kettlebell to an overhead lockout position. The clean and jerk (long cycle) is performed over and over again without setting the kettlebell down. Repetitions or length of duration depends on an individual’s choice or capability. In Kettlebell Sport competitions, the athletes usually have 10 minutes to complete as many repetitions as possible (without setting the bell down) as a judge counts and grades each lift.

The Long Cycle is one of the lifts a kettlebell athlete may choose to compete in during a traditional competition. The other option is Biathalon (composed of Jerks first, then Snatches). The Long Cycle, for most, seems to be a little less technical to learn. Therefore it is easier for the less experienced lifters to learn enough to stay safe during the event, even if they decide to participate late and do not have much time for preparation.

Below are a few examples of the Long Cycle.

Note: In video below Long Cycle is performed first.

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